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Buy Ductile Iron Pipe mould Resistant Maintenance Equipment, Peening Heads, Pneumatic Grinders End Capd & DIE’s Tong Plate Etc..

Techo Enterprise specialises in manufacturing different industrial tools and equipment for several years. We supply our products to heavy, medium and small scale industries. We have a team of professionals who understand the requirement and preference of industry owners and hence bring out the best industrial tools and machinery parts.
The use of industrial tools like Ductile & Flat Peening Tools, pneumatic grinders, etc.., is much more in the current days. Hence, we manufacturebest quality ductile Iron mould maintenance equipment, peening tools, peening heads, pneumatic grinders, end cap for ductile iron pipe plant, drill bit and drill rod, spigot and socket and so on. To place orders of your required tools and machinery, feel free to contact us.

Place Orders for Peening Tools, Peening Heads & Die for Spigot and Socket

All the products are robust in nature and they have high end durability. They are suitable to be used in extreme weather conditions. Increase the industrial productivity with products like pneumatic grinders, mudgun spares and equipment for blast furnace, peening tools, peening heads, die for spigot & socket and so on.

Streamline your industrial task with good quality, durable and robust peening tools, peening head, drill bit and drill rod from us. We deliver products of all makes and shapes. No matter what type of products you are looking for, you will get different versions of Ductile Iron Pipe Mould Maintenance Equipment, dyes for spigot and socket, centrifugal casting. Place your orders at Techo Enterprise now.

about Us

Techo Enterprise™ is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified unit run by experienced engineers trained in various reputed industries both India and Abroad.

Techo Enterprise™ came into effect in November, 1995 for Designing manufacturing and fabrication international quality various Products, Equipments for Ductile Iron Mould Maintenance Equipment, which are very critical in nature to enhance the life of costly moulds by few folds & also to increase the productivity of pipe manufacture. As our designed products are robust in nature and have longer durability, therefore, these equipment and toolings are capable to work under adverse working condition also, atmosphere, which have been proved by serving various organizations in  last 26 years.

Spigot & Socket Die

Deflection Wheel with Bush for Blast Furnace

Key Features


Deflection Wheel is one of the most important  and critical spares using blast furnace. It has comes with a separate bush compact with this device. This  special spares made of very costly material to withstand high temperature work load.