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Buy Die for Centrifugal Casting from Techo Enterprise

Centrifugal casting produces pipes to pour molten metal into a fast-spinning cylindrical mould where the centrifugal force from rotation exerts pressure. Techo Enterprise is one of the trusted names in manufacturing die manufacturing for centrifugal casting. Since establishing a proper framework for industrial mass production, we have steadily supplied high-performing, high-quality dies for casting.

Centrifugal Casting Die

Die is used for metal casting involving molten nonferrous alloys in dies at high pressure and speed for making moulded products. Die casting is used for making durable industrial parts with dimensional accuracy. Die streamlines the fabrication process and builds parts that are precise and accurate. Dies are steel moulds made by a CNC machine into which the liquid metal is injected. Get good quality die for centrifugal casting from a trusted manufacturing unit like Techo Enterprise, with years of experience.