Techo Enterprise

Leading Manufacturer of Drill Bit And Drill Rod

Techno Enterprise is one of the leading companies that offer Drill rods and bits for water wells, geological survey investigation purposes, piping and construction work. We have a complete range of drill rods that meet specific requirements. Our tool joint adapters are fraction welded to the construction tubes and uniformly normalised. The collection of drill rods and bits are stronger, more durable and have varied applications. We know that there are diverse demands for different products. Our drill rods and bits can handle everything from granite mining to stone quarrying and surface and underground drilling. If you are looking for a reputed brand well known for manufacturing of drill bit and drill rods, Techo Enterprise is the name to rely on.

Drill Bit and Drill Rod

The Products’ Features Include

  • High wear resistance and longer service life 
  • Special anti-corrosion oil protects the rod’s flushing hole
  • Super tough C253 premium-quality steel mainly designed for wet and dry drilling
  • Reduced risk of carbide malfunctioning

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